I am motivated by innovation, to find a better way to deliver high quality, green and beautiful housing and classrooms. Not enough housing is being built, it takes too long and it's too expensive. We are not building enough schools, our kids are stuck learning in unsafe, outdated, unhealthy learning spaces. I want to now focus on finding solutions to these challenges.


I wanted to build, I wanted to be an architect, but by my late teens I settled on woodworking, learning to build things in a controlled environment, learning and then managing production and making things well. By my mid-twenties, I wanted to design the environment my furniture was in, so I turned to architecture for 30 years, designing housing and education projects. But, I didn't build nearly enough: projects took too long, the process to design and build them was getting more and more complicated.


60% of the energy we use goes to buildings. For us to have a bright future, it is imperative that our buildings use less and less energy, and hopefully even generate energy. Green building is not just a good idea, it is a quality of life issue, especially for our next generation. Buildings should be healthy places to live, learn and work in.


And so, 4 years ago, I sought alternatives to producing housing and classrooms that would increase their quantity, quality, design; and produce them faster, more efficiently at less cost. I have found modular to be a viable solution to reach these goals for many types of building projects.


In the next decade, I seek to design and build far more housing and classrooms than I have made in the last 3 decades. It will be fun to team with like minds and exchange ideas and make progress. It is time to introduce innovation and efficiency to increase the quantity of housing and classrooms produced, so more people will be housed, and more kids will be in safe, inspiring learning spaces.

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