Helping Addicts to help themselves - the Second Chance Act

The Oregonian,
April 13, 2008

My Phat School

Making school facilities a place youth want to be in.

The Oregonian Blog,

April 22, 2008

Creative Thinking for our Public Schools

Bringing the city's best creative thinkers together to help their city's schools

The Oregonian Blog,

May 15, 2008


Helping a community in need with housing, education and soccer.

The Oregonian Blog,

April 15, 2008

Stuart was a guest writer for The Oregonian in 2008 and has written many articles for local newspapers. He focuses his writing on housing, schools, design, social issues and community.


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Memorial Coliseum's future: Save it

The Oregonian,
April 25, 2009


Rock Portland by rebuilding all of the city's high schools first.

The Oregonian,
December 4, 2010


Portland Public Schools bond deserves our support to modernize facilities

The Oregonian,
July 9, 2012

(with Rita Moore)


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