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King County Modular Shelter

72 people experiencing homelessness at a time will now have a supportive place to stay. Safe, warm, dry, with dignity. And compassion. And a route off the street and into housing. King County Modular Shelter is the bridge, the vehicle to get people moving towards a life that has hope. The site is on Elliott Avenue north of downtown Seattle, and the buildings are designed to be able to be moved with relative ease.

The modular shelter has a low bar for entry: people can use substances, bring pets, bring partners, bring bikes and belongings. Just come and get in from living on the street.

• Nine 8 bed dormitories are side by side with services and support buildings.

• Two Restroom/Shower buildings with four shower rooms and five restrooms apiece are directly adjacent to the dormitories on the west side of the site.

• The Community Building includes the campus entry, community gathering room, a warming kitchen, interview rooms and offices for staff. Sight lines and adjacencies are carefully designed to maximize safety, oversight and social interaction.

• The Staff Building includes manager offices, a staff restroom and a staff lounge.

• The Resident Services Building includes Resident and Staff Laundries, an office for housekeepers and maintenance staff, and a ‘Visiting Providers’ room that will be used for medical checkups and light medical, haircut/hairdresser, veterinarian, and other services from outside professionals.

• other non-modular structures include bike storage and resident storage.


The project has been designed by a team of experts with extensive experience in modular construction and homeless shelters. The project team includes Emmons Modular, Whitley Evergreen, King County, Catholic Housing Services, Catholic Community Services, Walsh Construction Company, and Third Place Design Cooperative.

Occupancy is scheduled for Winter 2019.

Project: King County Modular for Homeless

Project: King County Modular for Homeless

Project: King County Modular for Homeless

Project: King County Modular for Homeless

Profile & Project:

Stuart Emmons, King County Modular for Homeless

Some of the project team during Dorm construction

Dorm interior during construction

Community building during construction

Community building interior during construction