King County Modular Shelter

Come as you are. Your dog is welcome. Your partner is welcome. You can use substances. Bring what you have. We just want to get you into safe, warm, and dry so you can start to take steps to end the downward spiral, get set up to find housing, address your challenges. This is a low bar for entry facility. Our goal is to get you off the streets for good, into shelter, then into housing, and into a life that has dignity and hope.


The King County Modular Congregate Shelter will shelter 72 people at a time for a stay of several months.


There will be nine Dormitories that can accommodate 8-9 people, with single user restroom and shower rooms nearby.


The Restroom & Shower buildings each have 5 restrooms and 4 shower rooms. There are two buildings at the Shelter facility.


The Resident Common building has a Dining/Common Room with warming kitchen, and caseworker offices nearby. The Common Building is designed to build community, maximize interaction, encourage people to seek out people who can help them.


The Staff building has a Reflection Room, and Interview Room as well as spaces for staff managers and a Staff Lounge for meetings and breaks.


The Medical and Laundry building has laundries for residents and staff, space for maintenance personnel and their storage needs, and a Medical Room for wound care, light check ups, haircuts and space for a veterinarian when needed.


Residents will have storage space for their belongings. Come as you are. Bring what you have.


There will also be a place to store bikes, and a dog run.


An outdoor gathering area will be adjacent to the Dining/Common room.


The buildings are designed to be moved. They are designed to be temporary.


The King County Modular Congregate Shelter is a pilot project that helps take positive steps to address our homelessness crisis.

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