Stuart Emmons has a unique background that makes him an expert in innovative multi-family residential modular projects. Originally trained as a production furniture maker, Stuart worked as a production manager in a large manufacturing facility in San Francisco before going to architecture school. He knows how to build, and understands production efficiency.


After graduating from Harvard, Stuart worked as an architect in his early career focusing on housing: affordable housing, homeless shelters, and housing for homeless. As principal of Emmons Architects, he continued to work on housing, as well as complex government projects.


Stuart got an in depth view of the inefficiencies of the design, construction, and delivery processes for affordable housing, and became determined to find new ways to deliver housing more affordably and faster.


In 2012, Stuart designed and assisted in the development of the first modular affordable housing project in the Pacific Northwest - Kah San Chako Haws, and this project served as a pilot for future projects that built on Kah San’s successes and learned from it. Stuart subsequently researched and toured numerous modular production facilities and projects across the US, and has brought their best practices and lessons learned to bear on future projects.


In 2013, Stuart designed ImHomeToo, a residential multi-family unit that was designed to house more people experiencing homelessness.


In 2016 Stuart was the Vice President for Strategic Development for Blokable, and was instrumental in crafting a line of residential modules that were designed for the market and designed to maximize production efficiency.


Stuart also designed the MicroBlok while at Blokable, a prototype for a modular studio that would eventually be able to be constructed in 2 days.


In 2018, Stuart authored The Portland Home Plan, a plan to shelter all homeless in Portland in two years and provide housing for 75% of homeless (3300 units) in 4 years.


Currently Stuart, as principal for Emmons Modular, is planning and designing the King County Modular Shelter and King County Modular Micro Dwelling Unit project that includes 20 of Emmons designed ImHomeToo units.

Stuart Emmons

Blokable: Vice President Strategic Development

• Business Strategy

• Business Development

• Design of unit types

• Production

• Fund raising


designer and developer while at Blokable

Kah San Chako Haws: modular housing pilot project

• architect

• co-developer


King County Dwelling Unit Modular Project for Homeless incorporating

20) ImHomeToo units

Modular housing feasibility Study for City of Portland Housing Bureau


Candidate for Portland City Council:

2016 & 2018

Emmons Modular.

development and feasibility consulting, coordination and design for multi family modular housing projects.

career overview

Stuart Emmons' plan to shelter 4200 people experiencing homelessness in Portland, Oregon in 2 years, and house 75% in 4 years. Modular and other innovative housing was emphasized.


Stuart Emmons, 2018
Kathryn Elsesser Photography

(working on the drawing table Stuart's dad gave him for his 10th birthday)

Emmons Architects:

• Housing - government

• Housing - private sector

• Government Projects

• Planning

• Community Outreach


Early career:

• Housing - government

• Homeless shelters and housing

• Housing - private sector

• Government Projects



Skidmore Owings and Merrill:

• technical architect

• on pilot team that brought CAD into the design department in the New York office


Latest Press:

Stuart Emmons goes mod in Seattle

Portland Tribune, 9/1/2018

Stuart Emmons designs for King County







Affordable Housing



Stuart Emmons with residents of one of his modular housing projects - Kah San Chako Haws. This project provided housing for people who did not have homes.

Harvard University

Master of Architecture



Pratt Institute

Bachelor of Architecture


Central Mill and Cabinet Company:

High end cabinetry for housing, schools and airports.

• Production management

• Layout
• Journeyman Cabinetmaker


ISE Design & Woodworking

• Owner


London College of Furniture

Coursework in

• Furniture Production

• Manufacturing Plant Design


Stuart was trained as a Master Craftsman in wood.