Pre-development services.

1. Analyze the site for modular transportation, staging and installation.

2. Review architectural plan options.

    Review architectural plans for best modular approach

    Review architectural plans for streamlining.

    Review utility stacking, connection strategies.

3. Scope determination

    Advise on scope of siding, roof, stairways, etc.

    Scope of work by subcontractors & manufacturer

4. Provide unit designs



5. Proforma

    Help determine modular costs for project pro-forma.

    Review full pro-forma for potential streamlining

6. Consultants

    Coordinate with modular installer.

    Coordinate with structural engineer.


Consult on other Pre-development issues to help lead to a complete proforma.


Consultant to Developers and Multi-Family Housing Executives

Emmons Modular provides consulting services to Developers and Multi-Family Housing Executives who seek alternate or modular solutions for their housing projects. Our goal is to help make a successful project that meets or exceeds goals - we are not afraid to suggest that a project is not best for Modular if we determine that after review of the conditions.


Our experiences with housing and development include site acquisition, feasibility, and proforma work for modular projects. We can also help Developers and Multi-Family Housing Executives select qualified manufacturers, installers and other subcontractors to help insure a successful project. Our goal with consulting would be to help our client gain all the advantages of modular, and bring about a project that is cost effective and has a far shorter delivery time. Modular's primary advantage is Time.

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