Welcome! Emmons Modular is a firm that designs and helps provide modular residential units and classrooms; we are modular building consultants and we are an architectural firm. Our offices in Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania allow us to provide modular units and services throughout the United States. We use modular to reduce time, cost, and red tape; and increase quality, design and sustainability.


Our recently released I'mHomeToo TM unit is designed to increase permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals through reduced unit cost and rapid delivery. Housing for Homeless begs for innovation.


Our recently released GreenClass_2 TM classroom is designed to provide schools with high quality classrooms that are less cost and can be provided at far less time than conventional construction.


See 'Why Modular?' pages that explain in more detail why we believe modular is a solution worth considering for many housing and school projects. Please see information on Stuart Emmons, and his unique background. And, please see Emmons Modular for more detail on what we do and how we can contribute to a project.


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